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Another worrying news about Hungary’s demography: Hungary’s net immigration values went into negative values (Report in Hungarian). This means that after almost two decades Hungary has turned from an immigration target country into an emigration source country. Hungary has had a shrinking population for a longer while, but after the fall of Communism it had a steady inflow of immigrants. The vast majority of these immigrants were ethnic Hungarians from the neighboring countries which made integration relatively easy. According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office the last figures are already negative, meaning that in the last year we had more emigrants than immigrants. Probably the most important economic cause is the high Romanian growth level. Many Romanian citizens came to Hungary in search for better living standards. Now that the living standards are similar, and wages are sometimes higher in Romania, and growth opportunities are much better for enterprises, the flow of immigrants stopped and some people were lured to move back. This is a real long-term shock for the Hungarian economy. (Originaly posted here).

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