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Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as Prime Minister of BulgariaAs far as I know we have the first candidate from a new member state: Bulgaria’s last Tsar, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, who also served as the country’s prime minister in 2001-2005, may bid to become the European Union’s President.

Mr Saxe-Coburg has served his country briefly on the throne between 1943-1946. In 2001 seeing the agony of the two major party of post-Communist Bulgaria, he took over a small party, renamed it after himself and became a democratically elected prime minister of Bulgaria until 2005. As the BalkansInsight quotes Milen Velchev, Deputy Chair of the National Movement for Stability and Progress, NMSP, and Bulgaria’s former Finance Minister in Saxe-Coburg’s government”It would be a wonder if his nomination were not discussed”.

I do not think that he is the EU president that the Western Europeans have in mind, but he is certainly not a non-entity. I think Mr Saxe-Coburg, who is also a knight of Golden Fleece, must be serious about the bid. With such a family background and education I think he is fit to endure a long campaign, which really looks as a very-very long shot.

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  1. I have nothing againts him, he has done a nice job in bringing Bulgaria to the EU, with some important sacrifices.
    However, I doubt that many Europeans would like to see a “Czar” as “president”, moreover since as Eurosceptics say, “he wouldn’t be democratically elected”. That would easy feeding to tabloid press and could be quite an important blow to the EU’s perception as antidemocratic. I would rather see someone identified by citizens with Europe, be him/her from Western or Eastern Europe. That is, former president of the Commission or visible Commissioner, president of the EP etc.
    On the other hand, some argue that it needs be someone who has been in the European Council before, to be able to handle with the leaders. But I think such figure (either Blair, Juncker, or Mr Sawe Cobourg) would be difficultly associeted with Europe, as he will be rather perceived as a former head of state.

  2. Thank you for writing about this. I didn’t know and look toward the progression of this with interest. In the end what matters most is that a country has the right ruler to lead them proper.

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