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Mind the name, mind the flag!Tired of the blaming game over the name of present and would-be NATO allies? Cannot wait how the new Entente Cordiale will help the relations of EU and NATO? Do you think the the American president is gambling with offering entry into the military allience to Ukraine? The Bucharest NATO summit not only is held in the Central European region, but it is focused on regional issues. NATO also wants to come closer to you and it has released an interactive game on its website. You can bomb NATO/OTAN members and its peace partners with names and flags.

The Summit will kick off with a working dinner for NATO Heads of State and Government on the evening of 2 April. Discussions related to NATO operations, enlargement and the development of partnerships are expected.

The discussions will continue the following morning with the meeting of the NAC. Additional topics may include outreach to the Western Balkans and defence transformation.

NATO enlargement will be high on the agenda. Allied leaders are expected to consider the membership of aspirant countries that meet the NATO’s performance-based standards and contribute to Euro-Atlantic security, as outlined in the Membership Action Plan (MAP), during the NAC meeting. At present, three countries – Albania, Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1– are members of the MAP. In addition, both Georgia and Ukraine are currently engaged in an Intensified Dialogue with the Alliance focusing on their membership aspirations and related reforms.

The Summit will conclude on 4 April with the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, followed by the NATO-Russia Council, which will include the participation of outgoing President Putin.

Joining a military alience is usually the first step of a deeper political or economic co-operation. As I wrote before, for most new EU member states NATO membership is the first step towards integration. Since the Balkans region is full with military and governance risks I think that the current summit cannot be underestimated from the European peace and prosperity point of view.

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