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It looks to me that somebody in Ireland thinks that the Lisbon Treaty is not sexy enough, or maybe sexism is a more controversial topic than the treaty and they hope that it will take you to the polls. I doubt that this campaign would benefit anybody but the no campaign in some parts of the Europe, but what do you think?
Sexy or sexist - female Lisbon adSexy or sexist - male Lisbon ad
How would such an advertisement campaign change your vote? (Poll here)

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  1. What do you mean? I uploaded them from the Young Fine Gael website. “Young Fine Gael (YFG) is the youth wing of the Fine Gael party and always welcomes new members aged between 15 and 30. Young Fine Gael is the only vehicle for young people to seek political change in this country. As an autonomous youth organisation, it has the advantage of embodying the values of the senior Party, while maintaining the independence to express views of young people”. http://www.yfg.ie/

  2. On my mini-poll this looks a pretty good campaign for Euroskeptics: 80% of the people responding said that they would be less likely to participate in the vote, and 20% would be unaffected. Nobody answered that these posters would make her or him more likely to support the Lisbon Treaty. To be sexy and to be a sexist are quite different things.

  3. All the Yes campaign can say is “Vote Yes”.

    But from the No campaign comes plenty of information. The Lisbon Treaty is complex – not just a matter of sexual innuendoes to vote yes.

    And to boot they call the no campaigners “liars” without justifying where the untruths are.

    Vote Yes, indeed!

    This 10-minute video alone contains more information than the whole Yes campaign:


  4. Kerlin, I kind of hoped that somebody comes up with a better campaign. I find the sexy, or rather sexist yes campaign disgusting. If anything this would give second thoughts to vote yes if I had a vote in Ireland.

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