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Unregular shapes in different colors IIWhen people start to draw maps in Central Europe with different colors nationalism follows. Remember the suspicious weather report with clouds over possible Macedonian territorial claims? Jan Slota’s minor party within the Slovakian coalition government published a Central European map without Hungary. The map was removed after a couple of days when people realized that such a Great Slovakia would have a clear ethnic Hungarian majority. Such a map drawing may be a childish habit, but the countries on the bottom left corner have fought bloody wars with such maps less than two decades ago. Luckily those borders are guarded by no traffic signs only. Link: Slovenská Národná Strana (no English version, of course).

Update: The Romanian president laments on redrawing borders, too.

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  1. Hmm… I’ve too many times some politicians electoral slogans with Greater Romania, Greater Bulgaria, Greater Hungary, Greater Moldavia…
    Just thought that more people would realize what a bullshit this is within EU.

    Or like Guns’n Roses put it in Civil War – Everybody’s fighting for their promised land.

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