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Income and happiness

According to a survey conducted by TÁRKI in the European Social Survey Bulgarians, Hungarians and Russians are the least happy with their lives among 19 European nations. It looks that income is very strongly related how happy Europeans feel.

Happiness and income in Europe, 2007.The upper map shows how happy people feel in general about their personal lives, while the lower shows the price-purchasing-power adjusted gross domestic product per capita in these countries. (This is the price adjusted income of these nations per head). The chart shows these values relative to the happiest (Denmark) and riches (Norway) in the sample. The values are dotted along a simple line: the richer a country is, the happier are the people. There are a few outliers from this trend: the Poles are happier than their income would suggest, while the people of Germany and France are less happy with their relative high incomes. Norway and (Greek-)Cyprus are very-very rich but don’t get very-very happy after a certain income level. You can analyze the data and the map with Many Eyes in greater detail here.

Relative happiness and income in Europe, 2007.

It is not very suprising that economic prosperity is very important for the European people. The very low income and personal satisfaction of the Bulgarian people is worrying and I think the EU should be very committed to help Bulgaria out of depression. The many times recorded Hungarian pessimism is not reflected in this survey: Hungarians seem to be happy to the extent they are rich in European terms. You can also analyze these data and chart with Many Eyes.

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