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Seven Nato nations (Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and Spain) have backed a new cyber defence centre in Estonia. The seven allies will fund and staff the new command center in Tallinn. The US will initially send an observer to the project, which will have some 30 staff when fully operational in August.

Last year Estonia, EU’s most wired nation was crippled for days after a botnet attack against its government and and financial centers. The attacks could be traced to Russia, although the Russian government denied any involvement. Many in Central Europe believed that the weak reaction of NATO was a sign that the former Communist bloc countries are second-ranked when it comes to a Russian provocation.

Central European countries are among the most likely targets of a cyberwar. The hostilities, which are not necessarily count as a war-like hostilities under traditional international law are a quick and cheap test to a defence alliance internal cohesion.

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