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The Foreign Policy blog, Passport has an excellent round-up on the early elections in Macedonia. The newly established state that became sovereign after the break-up of Yugoslavia is struggling to build up a national identity that encompasses its ethnic groups. Most of Macedonia’s neighbors have a hidden territorial claim over the new state. Although Macedonia has an official EU-path in the Western Balkans enlargement policy, its Southern EU-neighbor was highly successful in destabilizing the country when it through a veto against the country’s NATO membership.

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  1. Most states around FYROM have territorial claims????
    Maybe it would had been better to refer just Albania unambiguously!
    On the other hand how ironic! The reaction of Skopians to reply by having explicit territorial claims towards Greece peppered with silly unhistorical revisionism! And they do so towards perhaps the only natural ally they have in the area!
    So they ‘struggling to build up a national identity’???? Well that’s fine!!! But so far they try to do so by behaving like a bull in a China shop to put it mildly! And someone has to tell them is they way they come about building it is totally wrong: Number 1 because stealing Greek heritage is not a moral and a good thing 2) Basing this national identity on lies forgeries and charlatanistic arguments will work like a boomerang! It will be like building in the sand!
    How bizarre and how dangerous and how clumsy their effort has been so far Mr Antal Daniel!

  2. I think that the SlavoSkopjans rather than picking silly fights with Greece and propgagate their idiotic un-historical revisionism they should rather ask for Greek assistance to put their house in order!
    Greece is the older Western Democracy in the area and can help the Skopjan quite significantly to transit from their past Communist_Nationalist mentality towards the modern World!

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