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We Europeans tend to believe that we are leading the fight against carbon emissions and we are too easily pointing the fingers at the United States. I think that the great visualization tool of Worldmapper, a world map that is distorted proportionally to carbon emissions should make us think. And the EU emission is still rising: we are as much part of the problem as the United States, China, India and Russia is.

Carbon-dioxide emission cartogram by Worldmapper.

Worldmapper has a great map on emission increasers and greenhouse gases in total (including methane and nitrous oxide but excluding fluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride).

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  1. Greetings from WSU Snohomish County Extension:

    I am writing to request permission to use the image on your blog in Carbon Coach and Carbon Masters ™ curriculum. Both programs are volunteer training seminars through WSU Snohomish County Extension. The image would be used for educational purposes only and to help illustrate relevant environmental or climate change issues.

    Thank you,

    Jacqui Styrna

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