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France’s state-owned railway company’s fast-train alternative to flying from Brussel to Strasbourg may be ‘marketed’ as eco-friendly but it looks to me that it makes the rest of the world laughing at us. The cheap alternative to flying costs the European taxpayer about €. 300 000. Euroskeptics are outraged, but there are more logical comments: “Cato’s Daniel Mitchell compares the train to the special highway lanes once enjoyed by high-ranking Soviet officials. However, I don’t really see why putting them on their own train is that much more egregious than chartering a jet or hiring limos. To me, this says more about the monumental idiocy of putting the parliament’s two offices 200 miles apart.”

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  1. The Open Europe blog writes that “According to reports, only 268 of the European Parliament’s 785 MEPs have signed the declaration calling for an end to the ‘travelling circus’ which sees MEPs moving from Brussels to a second seat in Strasbourg every month at enormous cost to the taxpayer (not to mention the environment)”.

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