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Although only American citizens have a vote, the whole globalized world will be effected by the presidential elections in the world’s strongest democracy. Europeans have high hopes and a high level of trust in Senator Obama.

According to the latest international poll of Pew Global Attitudes Project, a very high number of Earthlings take the American election seriously. It may be just their traditional politeness to say positive, but according to the poll actually a higher percentage of Japanese than American citizens find the race important.

confidence in Obama and McCain“The survey also finds a widespread belief that U.S. foreign policy “will change for the better” after the inauguration of a new American president next year. Among people who have been following the election, large majorities in France (68%), Spain (67%) and Germany (64%) say that they believe that U.S. foreign policy will improve after the election. This sentiment is also common in the African countries included in the survey – Nigeria (67%), South Africa (66%) and Tanzania (65%)”.

Senator Barack Obama has a very strong level of confidence in almost all countries. Senator John McCain takes him over only in Jordan, and most importantly, in the United States. Europeans, especially the Spanish and the German have a very strong preference for Senator Obama. Although I lack the details of Senator Obama’s transatlantic policy, I personally think that both American parties have chosen their best candidate and this elections shows America’s best face towards the world. This seems to be a general view: after a long time during the campaign the perception of America has increased slightly in Europe and all over the world.

Update: Amazing hopes for the Obama presidency in Europe.

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  1. Obama’s policy in international affairs favours multilateralism, which means strengthening transatlantic relations, too. Now the main issue is that Americans are very self-centered and disregard most of the world. So the candidates’ foreign policy proposals matter little. Except for the ones very strongly in favour of one side or the other.

  2. We can only hope that both are serious about climate change, and protecting our planet from meteoroid and comet strikes, plus considering the need to build facilities to shelter from the afters of supervolcano eruptions. If they apply short term policies to all these matters, the future of humanity is threatened in the longest term. Consider not what is here today, but what is after you’ve gone.

  3. As an Amerian I can say that not all Americans are “very self-centered and disregard most of the world.” Our legislative bodies may be, but more and more Americans are becoming more aware of the world around us, how it affects our lives and how integrated we are with the rest of the World. I will say that Europe has been doing a lot of things right and is impressive in its efforts. However, there a lot of things that Americans do right as well. I strongly believe that by working together we can add great value to our planet and the lives of those who live on this great ball!

  4. I don’t think that Americans in general could have a disregard for the world, the best counter-examples are the best universities of the world – they are almost solely American. And Europeans can be very hypocretic, too. It would be great if the US and the EU could had a stronger political co-operation. I personally believe that the Americans have chosen the best presidential candidates and I hope that relations will be better with Europe either way.

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