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The four opinion research companies of CEORG monitor certain public opinion trends in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (Visegrad countries). The economic performance of these countries have changed dramatically in the past few years and so the people feel.

The former frontrunners of the club, Hungary and Czech Republic had performed much weaker economically than the most Central European countries over the past few years. Both countries have a prolonged political instability with weak and not widely trusted governments. Poland and Slovakia have solid economic growth and a less maturepolitical system but better trusted governments. Slovakia has surpassed Hungary in terms of living standards due to the very successful economic and structural reforms. Hungary has been the other outlier in the past few years with large public and trade deficits and a stagflation-like macroeconomic indicators.


TÁRKI - economic contentness in the V4 countries 2008

is makes roughly as many Poles and Czechs happy or content with their personal economic outlooks. In Hungary, people are especially pessimistic, although there seems to be a turn for the better in the last year. (Formerly I quoted a wider study that put Russians, Hungarians and Bulgarians to the least optimistic places about their personal economic outlook). In Slovakia, given there 10+ per cent GDP growth it looks that almost everybody finds a positive opportunity. The result are in line with the latest Eurobarometer survey results, and highlight the deep pessimism of Hungarians about their future.

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