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It’s been almost a year that I have analyzed the interest of the Internet-users for the Visegrad Countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Given Poland’s size still most English-language users are looking for Poland, but the American/NATO missile defense plans in Central Europe has lured more searches for the Czech Republic in the past 30 days.

V4 dountries in English Google searches (above) and in the news (below)

Given Central Europe’s turbulant history and transition I still believe that it is usually better to stay out from Google searches and news mentions, but this time this is a really imporant issue that should be discussed more in Europe. Turning to the German language searches and media, it is striking how this issue do not get into the news or the searches. Despite the similar sizes, Hungary is sought after more then the Czech Republic in German, mainly through the stable high interest in Austria for the Hungarian issues (we used to share a Kaiser and King for a few centuries) and in Switzerland.

V4 dountries in German Google searches (above) and in the news (below)

The Hungarian people are not very much interested in their Central European peers: in the Hungarian language media Romania is mentioned far more than any of the Visegrad countries, due to the large and political Hungarian ethnic minority in Transylvania and increased economic competition between Eastern Hungary and Western Romania, but in the searches of ordinary Hungarians Croatia is the absolute favorite. This has little to to do with a millenium of shared kings in our history: Croatia is the absolute favorite holiday destination in Hungary.

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