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Remember Fiat’s €700-million bet on Serbia’s economic integration? In a poll for investors, recently conducted by the German Chamber of Commerce, Serbia came on top as an investment destination in South-Eastern Europe.

Serbia ranked first topping all other countries of South-Eastern Europe – stated Marcus Zenetti, Head of the German Chamber of Commerce Delegation to Serbia. He said that 97% of the polled foreign companies said that they want to increase investments in Serbia, as they are very pleased with business conditions and results achieved. Zenetti stated that the poll underlines as key arguments to invest in Serbia low labor cost, central position in the region, relatively low taxes, contract on economic cooperation with Russia, as well as membership in the CEFTA free trade zone.

CEFTA map in 2008.It is important to recall that CEFTA was originally founded by the Visegrad countries, now all EU and NATO members, who included newer and newer applicants of the European integration into the Central European Free Trade Agreement. CEFTA was modeled on EFTA and has become an important tool for preparing the economies of these countries for deeper integration. The Visegrad Countries have left EFTA behind for newer candidates, and once they joined the EU, they achieved the strongest trade growth among each other.

I had only few encounters with the Serbian government administration, but I have experienced similar professionalism that is mentioned in the article.

Hat tip: The 8th Circle blog.
Link: My slides on the topic in English as former Hungarian rail regulator (I was professionally involved in establishing transport links to promote market integration).

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  1. Excellent article. ..”by the German Chamber of Commerce, Serbia came on top as an investment destination in South-Eastern Europe.”
    Well, you should also mention Italy.

    Karl Haudbourg
    Serbia’s Ambassador to the world

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