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One nuclear threat a month

The Polish defence minister thinks that Russia has challenged the EU and NATO on such fundamental issues as elimination of borders and the role of a military alliance. He also thinks that Russia threats us a little too often with nuclear war.

According to Reuters, in his speech at Columbia University, Radoslaw Sikorski said NATO must get back to the basics of exerting its role as a military organisation in light of the war. His remark on Russia’s nuclear threats made the American students laugh.

“Of course we don’t like it when the Russian president or Russian generals threaten us with nuclear annihilation. It is not a friendly thing to do, and we have asked them to do it no more than once a month. But as the Atlantic alliance we have nukes too,” Sikorski said, drawing laughter from the audience.

Though the remark is witty, this is very serious. I recall one of Economist’s Charlemagne which quotes a Central European MoD, who hopes that the Russian will eventually threaten Western Europeans, because Central Europe already lives in fear.

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  1. Why do You use the word “threat”, the more exact word is “advertise” – Europe began first to erect new nuclear bases and violated the militar treaty.

    Violence (militar Nato/USA bases to attack) born violence (Russian bases to defend against attack).
    More USA bases in Europe – more problem for all.

    Helga Nukk

  2. I think that those unhappy EU members that happen to have a border with Russia think the less NATO and US bases in Europe, more problem for Europe. In the lack of a credible European defense system Europe relies on the U.S. one. The fact that Georgia did not have NATO bases did not help them two much recently.

    I am not sure that flowers is the adequate answer to Russian guns. Mr Sikorski has a point that we have an ideological difference with the Russian elite – they believe that the military is an adequate means of conducting international relations and trade.

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