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Serbs ‘Mourn’ Solana

Fake obituaries appeared on the streets of Belgrade, claiming the EU’s High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy dead. The placards were placed on Kosovo Street and around the Serbian parliament in downtown Belgrade.

Fake obituary of Javier Solana

The text reads (approximately) ‘Our beloved Javier Solana has died in the 66th year of his sinful life. We will be his pallbearer to his way to hell, etc [I rather omit the disgraceful text]’ and it is falsely signed by EU, NATO and the parties of Serbia’s pro-European governing parties. The police has arrested a few underage teenagers, and confiscated their unused placards and glue. With the question of Kosovo still lingering and the country seeking a new orientation the mood is still in a stressed mood.

Source: Serbia Insajd (an award-winning Hungarian language blog of Serbian expats).

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