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Who Recognized Kosovo?

Flag of KosovoThere are 47 countries so far that have recognized Kosovo as an independent state. The most recent EU state to recognize it has been Malta on 15 August, the next EU state that has announced this move is Portugal.

You can follow the recognition process on this site. Probably the most important recognisitios are coming from the EU and the neighbors, because Kosovo will have personal, trade and diplomatic relations mainly with these countries. Politically it looks a big change the Montenegro (a country that itself has secessed from Serbia) and Macedonia will recognize Kosovo, too, which means that all former Yugoslav territories and republics except for Serbia has recognized the new situation. According to the Press Association, Kosovo’s independence is a reality, Montenegro’s foreign minister has said, suggesting his government would recognise the new state even though that would anger traditional ally Serbia. (Update: Portugal, Montenegro and Macedonia have recognized Kosovo)

It is also an important change that Serbia’s pro-Europe president, Mr Tadic has cautiously floated the idea that as a last resort he might recognize Kosovo if Northern Kosovo, which is Serb-dominated and de facto occupied by Serbian millitary and police forces, could be annexed by his country. In Serbia many people treat those who would accept the situation in Kosovo as traitors, so the political establishment needs to show that it could bring back something to the mother country. On the other hand, as I noticed earlier, nobody really wants to reintegrated the Kosovars to Serbia, who would hold the balance of power in the Serbian Parliament if they took their citizenship rights seriously.

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  1. 47 out of more than 200 is still a long way to go. in addition to this, with the recent conflict in georgia there will be many more countries – strategically-positioned in europe and central asia not recognizing kosovo (including romania).

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