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Montenegro recognizes Kosovo

Montenegro, the tiny state that has made its secession from the former Yugoslavia only two years ago was the 50th state to recognize Kosovo’s independence. With a large portion of the population who identify themselves a Serb this was a brave and conflicting decision.

The BalkansInsight reports that “Blasts were being heard and ambulances streaming out of the centre of Montenegro’s capital as pro-Serb demonstrators clashed with police during a rally against Montenegro’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence”. Although Serbia and Montenegro had a joint, ‘federal’ Parliament and government two years ago, the Serbian government immediately expelled Montenegro’s embassador from the coutnry. The controversy was exptected, and it looks that it is under control, but it would be a very sad side-effect if this diplomatic act could destablize another country in the Balkans. Because, otherwise, Montengro had made a stunning performance as a new state.

Update: here is a more detailed blogpost from a new Montenegrin blog on Blogactiv (welcome!)

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