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Three MEPs demonstrating on the border with the EU flagSince the Schengen Treaty has eliminated border control among most old a new member states, a few municipalities tried to erect new barriers. Three Austrian and Hungarian MEPs demonstrated against the illegal barrier between Fertörákos and St. Margarethen on the Austrian-Hungarian border.

This is not a unique case: the municipality of Slovensko Nové Mesto has even errected a barricade on the border, while Mörbisch has relied on the creative use of traffic signs and concrete flower buckets.

Pan European picnic - the iron curtain is downA similar traffic ban has closed the border between Fertörákos and St. Margarethen (Szentmargitbánya), an Austrian village that had been a part of Hungary before 1920. Three MEPs, Ms Lívia Járóka, Mr. Othmar Karas and Mr. József Szájer (all EPP) has covered the traffic ban with an EU flag and requested an explanation from the Austrian authorities. In his speech Mr Karas reminded the local people that the very place was the site of the Pan-European picnic in 1989, where the Hungarian authorities first let the people cut up the iron curtain. About 600 East German citizens escaped through the border to Austria on that day. It was also the first time in over 40 years that neighbors could freely meet.

The local authorities did not participate in the event. Mr Szájer personally reported to the local police that he has covered the traffic sign, but he was not punished for his offending the traffic laws.

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