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Moldova’s President Vladimir Voronin was turned away on Monday from the country’s separatist region on the orders of self-styled president of Transdniestria, Igor Smirnov. Mr. Smirnov’s fiefdom within Moldova’s internationally recognized borders is protected by Russian ‘peacekeepers’.

You can read the story in English in Kyiv Post. I cannot tell if Mr Smirnov was just simply encouraged by Russia’s recent bellicose handling of the independent states between its territory and the EU, or it has received encouragement from the Russian troops or the government. The provocation is a personal insult on the head of state as he was heading to a visit to his home village’s church. However, it reassures my earlier fear about the the next not-so-frozen conflict on the border of the EU and NATO. Hopefuly the Moldovan president will be more immune to provocation than his Georgian collegue.

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