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Czech Presidency logo Having revealed the logo of the Czech presidency, question marks are already looming: on the eve of the the Central European republic’s act as a coordinating leader of the Union, their head-of-state,Mr. Klaus has just started his usual stunt with organizing a Eurosceptic mini-summit during his Irish state visit. Some people would argue that Mr. Klaus just cannot act up as a head of state, like some of his Central European collegues. (His last stunt was to speak out – in the name of EU/NATO member Czech Republic – against environmental policies on the UN Climate Change summit). He is the kind of president, who writes books in office, and claims that the greens are essentially communists, enjoying the old joke about the Esperanto green star, which is a watermelon, being red inside. Do not be surpsied – he will embarrass the Union many times during the Czech presidency.

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