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Women in National Parliaments

Which countries have a female majority, or a roughly equal level of involvement in the legislative power? Here is a world map compiled by the data of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The question was raised by Doug Merill of afoe when it turned out that New Hampshire in the U.S. has now more female senators than members of the opposite sex.

Women participation in lower/single houses

You can watch the dataset and a similar map on Senate/upper house female involvement here on Many Eyes. Upper houses are not always electe and are thus slower to represent social changes (I think, that is their function) so participation rates in those countries which have such an institution are generally lower. The European data are difficult to compare with the U.S. because the Americans elect senators in every two years.

Please click on the link to see the corresponding percentage values to the different shades. The darkest shade means 45-54% or more women in the lower or single house. In general, Europe has still the highest female representation, although the U.S. and Canada are not broken up by states, which is a great deficiency of the database.

Hat tip: The question was raised on afoe by Doug Merill, the data was linked in by Julien Frisch.

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