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Spam map 13 December 2008.My blog is overrun by spammer from time to time. Placing unwanted comments in blogs seems to be a weekend by-job as I get the most attacks on Saturdays. Contrary to common belief, most of them span comes from West to East within, not the other way around. Globally the Eat Coast of the United States, Brazil and China are the biggest exporters. I found this interesting map on a spam protection provider’s site. It is updated in every six hours. While China is sleeping, America and Europe is spamming, and vica versa. Though spamming is largely associated with the Nigerian money scam, it is a global form or business, or rather criminal activity. Even the most Nigerian-type scams are not produced in Africa anymore. A lot of this stuff is coming from behind the censorship’s wall in Belarus.

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  1. there are plugin that can block spam for you. Your blog is on WordPress 2.6, first I think you should upgrade to WordPress 2.7 and then install and activate Askimet. This should send most of your garbage comments to a spam folder and in 2.7 with the latest askimet you can just select to delete all spam.

    I manage one site that was getting about 500 spam a day, so I changed the IP address for the blog. This last week I have only been getting one or 2 a day. Changing IP is a pain, but it is an option.

    Most spam that I get just try and sell adult drugs and adult entertainment. Those are easily caught. What is harder to stop is a person that just jumps blog to blog posting in the same comment. Some are easy to find, the “Great blog” comment. The ones that are more difficult to determine are long comments. This one that I am doing, for example, could be reposted a thousand times just by doing a search for the appropriate words and including a link back to my site.

    I actually do enjoy your blog and come here weekly to see if you have something that I can use in a blog carnival that I run for someone else. Nothing this week, maybe next week.

    Can I advertise my twitter address for people to follow me? @_McLaughlin

  2. Thanks for the advice. Blogacitv is a collective of blogs managed by the same IT team and they have just changed platform and software. The amount of spam has reduced fairly and the new spam filter seems to be working very fine.

    I did not post about the spam I get. I think this is a very typical form of criminal activities that causes harm to your privacy and material damages in working hours, protection software to be bought, reducing the quality of the comment feed, and so on. And it is worth seeing where this activity comes from. Prejudiced people think that this activity comes from such poor countries as Nigeria because of the famous Nigerian hoax letters. But actually this is a developed country crime, although it may be that these spam comes from shady internet cafés in very poor neighborhoods.

  3. What is ‘SPAM’ & What is ‘Marketing’

    It gets me every time…because; no-one and I mean no-one, is calling the advertising posted mail-shot ‘SPAM’ and making laws against it (Albeit you can opt out)…but you can opt out of receiving emails…can’t you?
    I wonder would it be because big business, can afford the expensive posted mail shots, email packages and TV advertising and the small marketers cannot and then when the internet came along and big business seen that the small guy found it an affordable way to market his or her product, they invented the dirty word ‘SPAM’.

    We get unsolicited advertising in our home called TV advertising. They even increase the sound by 3 decibels to make us notice, but they don’t call this ‘SPAM’. (Us small fry can’t afford this either.)

    I only broach the subject because I am a small guy trying to get my product namely my shopping site ‘TheShoppersList.net’ up there with the big boys…I don’t promote anything that is bad or can’t be shopped for on the high street or seen or heard in all walks of life…but let me send an email advertising my site to someone who didn’t ask for it and WOW!!!!!…THEY’LL BAR ME FROM THE INTERNET AND THROW ME IN JAIL!!!!!.

    My mailbox is full of what they call ‘SPAM’, i.e. emails for sex, drugs & scams, the very thing they said would stop if they called it ‘SPAM’ and made it illegal; Doesn’t seem to have made a difference, except against the real small advertisers who can’t afford expensive posted mail shots, email packages and TV advertising.

    So once again the minnows lose out to the establishment on a platform that is supposed to be free!!!!
    Or am I into…. “Conspiracy Theories”.

    Please comment.

  4. Shoppers List – I just leave you here as an illustration. The activity you are doing and defending is illegal partly, and should be illegal in the other part. My blog and my mailbox is not yours.

  5. Dániel Antal, correct me if I’m wrong…but when you post a blog and invite comments isn’t that exactly what you get?

    As far as leaving my comment as an illustration…well what exactly do you mean? You have stated I am defending an activity which is illegal partly, and should be illegal in the other part…sorry but that means nothing at all and yes, your mailbox and blog are yours…but as far as your blog is concerned, I refer you to the start of this reply and I would like to point out my front door mailbox is mine, but that doesn’t stop all the junk mail shots coming through it. My email address is mine as well but the scam keeps on coming. My TV is mine but the sound on the adverts still jump 3 decibels when they come on even though I didn’t invite the adverts in the first place.

    If you are going to post blogs and invite comments, the least you can do is engage in the debate that comes back. I am a real person. I do not spam or scam, nor do I do anything illegal. I have a virtual shopping mall and I am not allowed to advertise it (unless I pay a small fortune) because ‘SOME’ call it spam.
    I ask; what is the difference between Spam and Marketing.

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