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Due to the Russian-Ukrainian-European gas war Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia were the first serious victims, having not enough energy to heat residential areas. With some delay, Hungary (and Germany) offered some relief for the Serbian plea. Austria joined in later. Hopefully this will demonstrate that Serbia is closer to Central Europe than Russia.
Another good news is that according to B92 the Serbian president started to talk with the Croatian premier to improve the situation in Croatia, where are also limitations on energy use. The two countries have been fighting a bloody war against each other 15 years ago.
The current, Czech Presidency, the first real Central European one, tries to capture the mood and give some more space for Serbia’s politicians to redirect their countries alliance from Russia to the European Union. Although the European Union lack a coherent foreign policy which would address Russian energy dependence or the issue of Serbia’s European integration, it seems that at least the most effected European governments can work together, which is a start.

Link: Do not forget – Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia is still suffering.

Update: At last the European gas shipment arrives to Bosnia-Herzegovina, too. In Sarajevo people were without heating for -17C. In Kragujevac, a Serbian industrial town, where people have just recently spend about a half of their yearly salaries to switch to gas heating in the promise of Russian gas from the Slavic allies, people were protesting and burning Russian flags (Source: Vajdaság MA). Again, this is the best moment to win the hearts of Serbia and switch a traditional Russian ally to the European side.

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