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2008 Weblog Awards

The annual internet voting for one of the biggest international blog awards, the 2008 Weblog Award is on. There are many categories, and I have found some nice hidden gems, like the practical Science Text in the hidden gem category. From the Central European Blogactiv blogroll there is one blog which is a finalists, so please consider giving Kozmopolito a support vote in the best European (non-UK ;) category.

Update: A Fistful of Euros and Nosemonkey’s EUtopia are other favorites in my blogroll, but surprisingly they are nominated in the best business blog category and the best UK blog. Not necessarily where you would look for great EU blogs.

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  1. Thanks a lot! :-)

    I would suggest to also consider voting for “A fistful of Euros” for Best Business Blog and “Created In Birmingham” for Best UK Blog (following an endorsement by Nosemonkey in order to prevent Melanie Phillips from winning! check out his blog for details: http://www.jcm.org.uk/blog/)

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