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Jóhanna SigurðardóttirAfter fierce demonstrations against the government the prime minister had resigned on Monday. The new government may apply for EU-membership, which will be viewed very favorable by the European Union. The head of the new caretaker government is lead by Johanna Sigurdardottir, who is also the first openly gay female premiere in the world.

Iceland will be put on a fast track to joining the European Union to rescue the small Arctic state from financial collapse amid rising expectations that it will apply for membership within months, senior policy-makers in Brussels and Reykjavik have told the Guardian.

I have been arguing since the financial crisis that Iceland’s membership would be both economically and strategically a big gain for the European Union. Despite the tiny nation’s financial meltdown, Iceland is one of the richest nations in the world. It fishing policies have a significant impact on the economic balance of the Northern Atlantic. It has a strategic location in military and economic terms. The 300 thousand inhabitants, even if they were fool and out of their minds could hardly ruin anything within the eurozone. The country is a member of EEA and have been applying most of the European law unilaterally. A fast-track membership would be institutionally feasible, and it would show that the EU is capable for a fast adoption in a rapidly changing global economic and political situation, and it is still appealing for both countries very rich and modestly rich.

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