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The Naming Game Countinues

Poisonous irregular shapes in different colorsTony Barber writes about the latest round of the great Balkans naming game: Macedonia (a country that could not enter NATO and is not allowed to use its name in the United States because of a Greek veto over it) decided to rename an EU-funded cross-Balkans infrastructure project after its great conquering ruler, Alexander the Great. Greece (a country that obstructs EU, NATO and UN decision-making with its childish nationalistic cockfight with its smallest, poorest neighbor) decided to veto the funding of the whole “corridor 10” project.

Tony Barber says that

In an excellent new report, the International Crisis Group think-tank recommends that Skopje should state its readiness to accept a UN mediator’s proposal and use the name “Republic of Northern Macedonia” for international purposes. In return, Greece should drop its veto threats at Nato and the EU.

I do not subscribe to this view. A forming nation state should be allowed to use the name its citizens and the rest of the world knows: nation building takes time and souls. Although I understand the Macedonians are desperate to bring everybody into the conflict, they should drop this silly name. But the EU and NATO member states should really put Greece under pressure to stop the naming game, forever.

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  1. The propagandistic spreadable against Greece!!!

    Dániel Antal, you pretend the fair and the same time you don’t know what are you talking about!
    The rest of the world knows what “Macedonia” is, but unfortunately you don’t!

    Let inform you something…

    We (real Macedonians) are Greeks; we live in Macedonia (the land of ancient Hellenic kingdom of Macedon) that is IN GREECE.

    If you want to see Alexander’s birthplace, if you want to learn what Macedonia means then visit Greece and you will see…
    Vergina (the royal Macedonian tombs where Alexander’s father Philip II was buried),
    Aegae (the old royal capital of ancient Macedon),
    Pella (the later royal capital of ancient Macedon),
    Thessaloniki (the port of Macedonia),
    Dion (the religious center of ancient Macedon at the foot of Mount Olympus),
    The ancient cities of Kavala, Amphipolis, Chalkidiki, Philippi,
    etc. etc…… Just come to see what they produced, what they wrote, what they believed, come to see the prototypes with your own eyes, then you will see how wrong you are, you will see what REAL Macedonia means!

    The peoples of the Former YugoSlavic Republic Of ??????????… are Slavs and have nothing to do with the aboves, their land, even at the antiquity called Paionia and NEVER Macedonia!

    For your opinion the right is to put Greece under pressure!!!
    Why? Because we support the truth?
    Why? Because we want a fair solution?

    For your opinion it is fair, Greece’s historical real-Macedonia to change its name?
    Why? Because our neighbor is smallest, poorest and have no identity we must give them our own? Are you joking?

    For your opinion it is fair to name as Macedonia a former socialist Yugoslavic republic that during the cold war Tito (the communist leader) renamed from “Vardarska Banovina” to “Macedonia” in order to claim the Greece’s territories and ports in Aegean sea? Its fair? The theme was issued during the cold war, now it’s just a piracy for their side to keep on claiming mulishly the history and the territories of Greece! Do you imagine that we ever give way our OWN history and land?

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  2. Alexandro,

    This is a neutral comment from central Europe:
    I did not know all the interesting historical facts you presented (either). Thank You.

    However, you lost me (and probably most of the audience)
    by your first sentence. Daniel’s opinion is not an anti-Greece propaganda. I did not see anyone making claim on Greek territory or great history.
    It is not fair to say:
    ..[they are ]Slavs and have nothing to do with the [Greek history] ..
    Whole Europe, whole world today, inherited so much from the great Hellenic civilization; Some Slavs even use Cyrillics which, like Latin, arose from the Greek alphabet.

    Most arguments have good reasons on both sides:
    On Macedonia’s side is the plain fact that people, countries
    .. have a right to choose their name. Greek Macedonia is not a country. It perhaps is a province or a district or just a historical name. If you want to prevent North Macedonia from adopting that name, you can separate from Greece and adopt that name for your new country. Short of that, I suggest you contemplate what great Greek philosophers would say about this.
    Then, together with (North) Macedonia, you may join forces, and educate the rest of the world about interesting history of that part of the EU. The idea of EU was rule of law, which will eliminate nationalistic wars. Don,t you want to be part of that great movement?

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