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Eventually Hungarian was added to Google Translate, which now has Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian from this blog’s focus area. All language are to and from any languages. The Hungarian translations are especially poor because this language differs the most from English. Anyway, you get a very vague idea about the text you enter.

Actually I tried something that I have also blogged about here.

The next four months, about 80 of the 27 EU countries starting in English will help euroblogot Think about it, and to assess the competition. The initial two-day event was excellent in many ways – some of the participants is a man who is very high, the national language blog is an interesting figure in civilian, the other part is open to undergraduate students interested in the speakers of some very high caliber and character. Some of the things we noticed in the two days of working together bloggingportal.eu a large aggregator, which is scattered in many emerging countries, EU-related blogs try összedrótozni (consisting of three or four enthusiastic euroblogger). The EUX.TV a private service, which is in the mp4 and the EU contribute to YouTubeon content, often those which are public in the EU, but is meaningless to publish. Among other things, they can be found in Entropa documentation (pdf), which wiped the Czechs in the official page.
The greatest performance of a Bulgarian writer and blogger, Julian Popov held a rapporteur and a really funny show Polish political videomixet. Here is the English language, the first and the second part of a longer report, or AnTyx, ethane Smallman. Stephen and feel well. Frank Schnittger great synthesis of the first day sztárhozzáaszólóit written and interesting report.

It made me laugh, but I think you get quite a bit of it.

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