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Kosovar ad in BlicProbably one of the biggest gaffes ever in the Serbian media: the mainstream Serbian daily newspaper, Blic, has accepted a full-page advertisment from the break-away state of Kosovo. Serbia disbutes the right of Kosovo to secede from Serbia. It not only unlawful but also not very patriotic to make business with the government of Kosovo in Belgrade. Blic has gained 2590 euros on list price for the advertisment, now it faces a nationalist boycott in Serbia.

This is of course hypocrisy. I think the last thing those Serbian politicians who cry foul want is a return of Kosovars to the voting station and elect MPs in the Serb Parliament.

Via Serbia Insajd.

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  1. Some claim it is, but I guess it will wind down. There is a sort of embargo against Kosovo and they might find it unlawful to have business transactions with the breakaway government. Actually the trade embargo part is something that makes both parties lives a little bit more difficult.

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