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Here is a roundup from the European Journalism Centre’s Think About It blogging competition on the European Elections.

Marta Cerava writes about the elections in Lativa, which elected 8 MEPs. Not surprisingly in a former Soviet republic its Socialist parties would like to sit in the Parliament as Liberals, just to avoided the badly sounding brand.The recently troubled country has elected a convicted politician who also represents his countries Russian ethnic minority.

Helena says that Nick Griffin, the notorious leader of the British National Party has won a seat in the EP. I wonder what he will do with it. In her story she tries to explain how she had tried to convince a British voter not to vote him. A nice post.

Ari Rusila has a lot of facts about the election in Finland. The eurosceptic ‘True Fin’ has won the the preference vote race.

Slovakian parties have chosen a novel way to campaign: they have started amateur photographic contests.

In Cyprus politicians are shocked that only 58,8% headed to the polls in the election. In Central Europe that would be record high turnout.

The former round-up already highlighted that Europe had been hardly in an election fever.Obviously, Julien Frisch is the ultimate source on the European election’s blogosphere.

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