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Think About ItThe European blogging competition organized by the European Journalism Center (and co-funded by the Eurropean Commission) has ended. The overall winner is Etan Smallman, followed by Frank Schnittger and a great Bulgarian blogger, Hristo Hrisotv, who covers some regional issues similar to this blog. His election blog can be found disaggregated from the Th!nk collective under bulgariavotes2009.blogspot.com. It was an honor to be invited as ‘editor’ to the team and congratulations to the winners, my personal monthly evaluations, that was shown to the jury, had a very similar evaluation. Also see the excellent and humorous (ironic) election coverage from Radovana Jágriková, Slovakia, Central Europe. My personal favorite from the Northern neighbor is that some Slovak parties have changed the election contest into a amateur photo beauty contest. (The turnout was dismal, still).

Former round-ups from the beginning and the end of the campaign.

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