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Többet ésszelHungary has been taken by suprise when a small centre-right party, MDF has nominated Mr György Habsburg into the European Parliament. As MDF won only one seat, and seems to need its top candidate in the forthcoming national elections, it is widely believed that Mr Habsburg, the number two on the party list will take over Mr Bokros’s seat in the European Parliament. It was also very surprising that MDF, a party that had been claiming to be more centrist and ‘normal’ than Fidesz, the bigger and more populist Hungarian EPP member party, joined the ECRG.

Mr Bokros is a libertarian economist, not unlike Mr Klaus, whose ODS is also part of ECRG, however, he served as a finance minister in a Socialist-Liberal government, and probably has became the most hated figure in the Hungarian right-wing. His arrival into MDF already questioned the seriousness of the party and made it look like a small entity of political strategists and a political communications company. The addition of Mr Habsburg to the party list, who have not participated in Hungarian politics before was at least as big a surprise for the party members and their voters. It is likely, that actually MDF won its only seat from voters of another party, the Liberals, that have fallen out from the EP.

If Mr Habsburg joins ECRG, it will add another explosive dimension to the Cameron-Kaczynski-Klaus trio’s strange group. Mr Habsburg’s father, Otto von Habsburg had been a Bavarian Christian Socialist MEP between 1979 and 1999, and also the last heir of the Austrian, Czech, Croat and Hungarian thrones (At those times, the last one entitled them to whole Slovakia and part of today’s Romania and Serbia, the first one to Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, too). The younger Habsburg holds the passports of the latter two countries besides a German one, although he is barred by republican Austrian and Hungarian laws to use his archduke title in these countries.

I can’t forget when Mr Kaczynski came up with the square-root voting proportion formula with a claim to unborn Polish voters whose ancestors were killed in the second world war. Although Mr Habsburg denies that he has any claims to sovereignty in any of the six involved EU member states or Croatia, his addition to ECRG would definitely add to the surreality of this post-modern political grouping. All of this creates an image that the European Parliament is an NGO at its best, or a circus at its worst.

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