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I have just found an interesting public opinion poll result by Publicus Instiute, a Hungarian pollster and research company. It turns out that although Hungarian knew little about the EP elections, in general, they trust the EU. Hungary has joined the EU in 2004 after a referendum with overwhelming support. Five years on, accession would get a 74:26 majority a referendum if it was asked again. 53% of the people think that it is favorable that Hungary is in the EU during the current economic crisis, while 25% believes in the opposite. Although 49% thinks that Hungary is too small to achieve its national goals, 66% percent believes that we should have our voice heard and follow the national interest. (The poll was conducted in April 2009).

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  1. Interesting poll. I find it strange that Hungary is suffering so much more in the economic crisis than Slovakia. It is not amazing that Slovakia is now in the Eurozone?

    From my brief trips to Hungary I was always very impressed by the industry of the people. One counld tell when the train entered Hungary as the fields were well worked and tidy and every inch appeared to be cultivated.

    Also Hungary enjoyed the freedom of ecomonic liberalism in the 1980’s. Czechoslovakia was still stuck in Normalizacie at that time.

    Could you explain why Hungary appears to be doing worse than Slovakia?

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