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Do We Need a Constitution?

Is there anybody out there, who knows who was Samuel Huntington? (Click here if not). I cannot say anything else against Mr. Van Rompuy’s election to the first first EU presidency except for the fact that he accepted his nomination. Choosing a little-known politician from a polity that barely exists, the EU national leaders have shown that they have little appetite for the whole thing. Mr Van Rompuy seems happy to fill that appetite.
I can only recall the history of the United States, originally meant in plural, that had been a too-weak confederation of the member states until under pressure it formed a strong constitution that allowed for a strong government and chose a Washington-sized statesman to start filling the seat. I think that Mr Klaus’ artistic performance and Mr Van Rompuy’s elections is the first empirical proof that the Lisbon Treaty was indeed a failure… and we do need a European Constitution.

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