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Technically one question was still open after Hungary’s general election: will the new coalition, Fidesz and the Christian Democrats have at least two thirds of the MPs so that they can change constitutional laws and elect a new president smoothly. As Hungary has a mixed party list and single candidate system with runoffs, 57 seats were available today out of 386. As the Fidesz-KNDP alliance seems to have won another 54, they command a bigger majority than needed to change the constitution.

It looks that the Socialist Party has won one seat in Budapest XIII-Angyalföld, which is possibly the most left-leaning constituency in the country, and Budapest XIII-Újlipótváros is so closely contested between the Socialist and Fidesz that probably the votes coming from abroad will declare the winner.

Hungary, as in the previous national assembly, will have one independent MP. Mr Oszkár Molnár was expelled from Fidesz for his anti-Gypsy racists statements. As an independent, he gained the support of the far-right Jobbik in the run-off, and narrowly won over the new Fidesz candidate and the Socialist candidate.

Hungary has a mixed system: part of the MPs are elected as individual candidates, some in proportional lists in the counties, and some from a ‘compensation’ list that allocates candidates based on the votes not used by individual candidates and party lists, i.e. votes casts for not winning candidates or fractions of votes that do not qualify for a seat on the proportional list.

The two new parties that were propelled into the parliament buy anti-establishment sentiment against a former, Socialist minority government that skillfully avoided an early election, were not able to win seats with their individual candidates, only through the proportional vote party lists.

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