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The Slovak-Hungarian sentiment reaches new bottoms as the anniversary of the 1920 peace treaty looms. The Hungarian parliament adopts a commemoration to the 90th anniversary of the treaty that lost territories which include more or less today’s Slovakia, and Slovakia ejects monuments on the border to remind Hungarian where the border lays. Curiously the two states have entered the EU six years ago to forget the borders.

Hardly visible border / Reminders are welcome

I started, but did not really complete a series after the Schengen zone accession of the two countries to show municipalities and local communities that want to revert history and erect local borders where the state borders become invisible. Now that monuments will remind us to the invisible borders I think I will start again, so please keep me posted with photographs. As many Trianon monuments, one-way street signs, concrete flowerbeds in the middle of the street as possible. Beware – history is a one-way street! CC Photo: Peter Fend’a


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