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Hungarian Elections 2010

The Hungarian elections in 2010 have completely changed the political landscape of the country and may result in thorough constitutional changes. The Hungarian party system, which had been the most stable since 1989 in Central Europe has changed dramatically with the entry of to new parties and the exit of two new ones. The anti-establishment… » read more

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After a brief overview of the Hungarian party system, the Socialist and the Liberal candidates, here are the likely winners. The EPP has two member parties in Hungary, and the smaller one just decided (and possibly split) over the issue of its party list. Hungary’s most popular party is Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Union. Fidesz entered the… » read more

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EP Elections in Hungary

In a series of posts I will write some information about the party lists in Hungary for the 2009 European Parliament elections. The order of the parties does not reflect any personal preference; there are still not announced lists and candidates. But firstly, here is an overview of the political parties involved in the election.

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