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Montenegro’s official bid for EU membership has overshadowed the small republic’s NATO-integration. The Hungarian military diplomacy has offered mentoring services to Montenegro and will expand the Podgorica mission. Hungary has just finished a similar mission in Croatia, helping the former Yugoslav republic’s accession into the military alliance. Hungary and Croatia have a very strong relationship… » read more

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Serbia in NATO?

The Transitions Online laments on the Serbia’s possible NATO entry. In Central Europe, where European and Russian interest zones are intercepting, war has been fought a mere 13 years ago, military alliance and stability is as important as economic and political union is. Since all countries but Serbia have a policy to join EU and… » read more

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The Force Of Nationalism

I think it is not a false oversimplification that the European Union is an antidote to European nationalism. Probably it has been so successful in preventing violent ethnic rivalry that some Europeans forgot what a strong force nationalism can be. It has just stopped the world’s strongest miliatary allience in implementing its enlargement strategy. Nationalism… » read more

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